Retina: OCT Angiography

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Angiography is an important advance in OCT technology because it allows obtaining an accurate image of the vascular tree of the retina without injecting an intravenous contrast as in fluorescein angiography without any side effect.

The A-OCT is a safe and non-invasive test that, by projecting a beam of light on the retina, will provide us with valuable information about the vascular flow, being able to diagnose diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), macular ischemia, …


Eye Dryness Test



The Dry Eye Syndrome is a disease in which there is an alteration of the composition of the tear and a greater instability of the lacrimal layer.

The Lacrimal Osmolarity Test allows us to measure the degree of salinity of the tear, which is indicative of the stability of the lacrimal layer, so we can objectively determine the degree of Ocular Dryness allowing us to make an early diagnosis and also assess the effect of prescribed medications by our ophthalmologists.

To obtain this value we use a microchip coupled to a meter that collects a small amount of tear at the edge of the eyelid, this meter is placed in a reader and seconds later we obtain the specific value of the osmolarity of that tear sample.

Lasik: Laser Surgery of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia

Always at the Castanera Institute of Ophthalmology, with innovative technologies.

The TECHNOLAS® TENEO ™ 317 Model 2 Laser, for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, allows very precise corneal treatments.

Laser Surgery diagnostic platform

ZDW3 gesamt f++r Labeling V2


The new Orbscan3 Anterior Segment Analyser is the evolution of its predecessor topographer. By means of a scan, this new analyser enables us to perform an exam without eye contact, and it contributes to a higher resolution as it scrutinises three times more points.

The ZDW3 aberrometer analyses nine times more points than the previous generation and it accurately determines which the optical irregularities of the eye are and how to treat them with Refractive Laser Eye Surgery.

In Castanera Institute of Ophthalmology we are again using cutting-edge technology to perform accurate diagnoses and hence optimized treatments for our patients.



Sirius Topographer and Aberrometer for analysis of the anterior segment


Sirius is a highly accurate system for the three-dimensional analysis of the cornea and anterior segment. The Sirius topographer and aberrometer is able to obtain precise measurements of elevations, curvature, power and thickness of the cornea as a whole, being a unique and fast equipment for the measurement of different parameters. This sistem allow us to obtain better postoperative results in Cataract and Refractive surgeries and a accurate diagnosis in different corneal pathologies.

Once again, the Institute of Ophthalmology Castanera, has new technologies to optimize and improve our service every day.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT CIRRUS HD-5000) Zeiss: a precise analysis

cirrus 5000 def

This is the first OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scan of the retina imaging of the anterior chamber of the eye.

The precise analysis and detailed maps for the diagnosis and monitoring of retinal pathologies allow us to assess the state of the patient’s retina and allow us a structural evaluation of the optic nerve in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

The CIRRUS HD-OCT 5000 is a clinical portent including FastTrac ™ (tracking system of the retina during the test) and complex analysis modules for clinics where advanced treatments such as those practiced at the Institute of Ophthalmology Castanera are made.

Rejuvenate your appearance: Injection of Botulinum Toxin


Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that works by blocking nerve impulses directed all the muscles in which it has been injected. This prevents the muscles are contracted on a temporary and reversible.

The application of botulinum toxin for facial aesthetic purposes seeks to mitigate the “dynamic wrinkles” or “expression lines” that form the gesture. It is important to note that it has no effect on wrinkles caused by aging of the skin, not to create false expectations after treatment.

The effect of the toxin may take 24 to 48 hours at the start and disappears between 4 and 6 months of the application, which is usually advised for 2 or 3 applications per year.

If you want to know our special rates, please contact us and we will give you all the information you need!

IOL Master 700 biometer by Zeiss for calculating IOL

IOLMaster 700_patient side_28.07.201482204_HiRes

Zeiss’s latest technology for measurement and calculation of intraocular lenses in cataract and clear lens at the Institute of Ophthalmology Castanera.

Thanks to the new technology platform, the new IOLMaster 700 has the potential to significantly improve results in refractive cataract surgery. So, Zeiss achieved another fundamental change in biometrics providing security and predictability. Besides optical biometrics it provides OCT images the entire length of the eye. IOLMaster 700 measures all the latest biometrics for power calculation formulas Premium Intraocular Lens.

Refractive Laser for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia

The Castanera Institute of Ophthalmology becomes the latest technology with the best laser to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.
Choose us and do your refractive surgery with us in the best center in Barcelona, with the best technology and the best professionals.

Lasik Surgery with Femtosecond Laser

Laser vision correction with Femtosecond Laser. Bladeless, save and precise.

Presbyopia Correction, Dr. Jorge Castanera

The Dr. Jorge Castanera explains the latest technology about Presbyopia correction.

Lens implant ICL

Phakic lens implant ICL in young patients with high myopia or hyperopia with or without astigmatism, visions limit or thin corneas may be more appropriate surgery by placing this flexible lens to correct the defect exists. In these cases and since May 1997, we implemented at The Castanera Institute of Ophtalmology called ICL intraocular lens (acronym for “Implantable Contact Lens”).

Surgery for Presbyopia

The KAMRA of AcuFocus implant is an implant designed to correct the effects of presbyopia and restore near and intermediate vision.

Presbyopia Surgery. Raindrop

Raindrop és un procediment innovador per corregir la presbícia. Es tracta d’una lentmicroscòpica transparent que modifica delicadament la curvatura de la còrnia quepermetrà veure objectes propers així com els intermedis i llunyans a través d’aquesta.

SUPRACOR™ an innovative, safe and effective treatment for eye strain

The goal of refractive treatment SUPRACOR is to free from the use of glasses for most situations of our daily lives, reaching near vision good enough for reading or working on the computer without glasses, while maintaining a good focus distance vision, making life much easier and comfortable.

With the technique PresbyLASIK-SUPRACOR both eyes are treated so that it is easier for patients to adapt to their new vision, unlike other techniques, such as monovision, requiring adaptation by the patient, since only corrects one eye for near vision.

SUPRACOR acts only on the cornea (based on LASIK technic) shaping it to compensate visual defects caused by the aging of the crystalline lens. It is safer than other more invasive refractive surgeries.

Dr. Jorge Castanera, refractive surgeon and medical director of The Castanera Institute of Ophtalmology of Barcelona, highlights the promising possibilities is opening SUPRACOR in treatment of presbyopia and comments that “The patient satisfaction is very high, and are really impressed by the quality of near vision, so they can read only a few hours after surgery.

Free yourself from dependence on reading glasses with KAMRA VISION™

The KAMRA of AcuFocus implant is an implant designed to correct the effects of presbyopia and restore near and intermediate vision.

It is a circular opaque microdisk , with a small opening(hole) in the center. When placed in the cornea, small opening blocks unfocused light and allows only the focused light reaching the retina. With focused light rays, you can enjoy a wide enhanced vision for all distances: near, far and intermediate. This microscopic ring is supported by nearly ten years of research and development.

Dr. Jorge Castanera is pioneering the KAMRA intracorneal implant in Catalunya.

Solution for eyestrain: Raindrop biocompatible implant

Raindrop is designed to reduce the discomfort of wearing reading glasses. Raindropimprove the ability to see up close, making daily activities such as reading, working with the computer or mobile phone use. Their microscopic size and perfect transparency make itimperceptible. Its natural material provides outstanding biocompatibility with the eye andimproving near vision.